Microsoft Certification and Testing

Windows 10, Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Belcarra provides OEM customers with a separate USBLAN kit supporting Windows 10.  This driver kit can also be made available from Windows Update for no extra charge. 

Driver Signing - Windows 8.1 and older

Since 2007, all distributed versions of Belcarra USBLAN for Windows driver kits, both development and production builds, have been digitally signed
with Belcarra’s Code Signing Certificate issued by Symantec (formerly VeriSign). However, this "self signed" driver can on a new installation display a warning dialogue box requesting permission to continue.

As well, a self-signed driver is not eligible for distribution through Microsoft's Windows Update program, which may result in a less than ideal experience for a device's end-user.

Microsoft 'Signature-Only' Program

Production versions of Belcarra's USBLAN for Windows driver undergo rigorous testing procedures including Microsoft’s DTM suite.

In 2012, with the introduction of Windows 8, WHQL (or WinQual) testing became incorporated into the Windows Hardware Certification (HCK) program, however, the Windows Logo Program (WLK 1.6) continues to be supported for Windows 7 and Vista.

USBLAN for Windows purposes are best suited by the Unclassified Device category which consists of a number of automated tests with succesful results then submitted to Microsoft. After review of the submission, Microsoft digitally signs the associated software kit and the drivers can be installed without confirmation from the user (silent install). Note, Windows Logo Program Unclassified category submissions are as Signature-only and drivers and approvals in this category receive a Windows logo verification report and a digital signature, but are not eligible to use Windows logo artwork.

Driver Update Acceptable (DUA) submission

A USBLAN for Windows package consists of 3 different sets of files:
  • INF files –  basically instruction for the device identification and OS driver installation 
  • SYS files – driver core files 
  • CAT files – catalogue files with digital signatures
In the case of a USBLAN for Windows OEM kit, modified with a client's Hardware ID and configuration settings, the only part of the package that is changed from the base version release is the INF file.  This revised kit can be re-submitted to Microsoft for signing without re-testing, significantly reducing time involved, costs and  fees.

Windows Update

An accepted DUA submission can be made available from Windows Update  and the driver will install very simply providing end users that are connected to the Internet the optimal overall experience.

Belcarra will also make available to OEM clients a user install package that will  have Microsoft's digital signature (sample Microsoft-signed Belcarra USBLAN for Windows Demo driver and  Power Point Presentation is available here).