Using a data proxy for web access

Belcarra USBLAN for Windows allows a small 2-node private network to be established over a USB link from a device to a Windows host.

If the device has a need to access the Internet for WEB requests, then the simplest solution to satisfy the competing concerns of security and ease-of-use is a proxy server on the Windows machine. After a link is established, the device sends web requests to the Proxy Service on the Windows machine. The Proxy Service on the Windows side listens for such requests, and acts and an agent for the USB Device fetching the web pages and content and returning them to the USB Device.

Where is the proxy?

From the viewpoint of the device, the Windows server is the Proxy Server (implemented as a Windows Service). We assume that the application on the device can discover the IP address of the Windows side of the USB link.
For example the Windows System might be at whereas the device itself is at To avoid conflicts an alternate port is used for the Proxy Service, e.g. 8080.