Raspberry Pi Networks with USBLAN

The Raspberry Pi Zero running Raspbian (Raspberry Pi OS, a Debian-based system) can use Networking over USB to connect to the internet via a Windows or Mac OS. This provides for a smart interconnected system for a very low investment, effectively the cost of the Pi Zero, a SD card and the USB cable.

Belcarra's Pi_Zero_Connected project is available on GitHub

The project goal is to automatically set up Networking over USB using a Gadget Device.

The project allows a Pi Zero (as an example) to be used for headless operation with a network connection through a desktop system AND without having to modify the Pi Zero system configuration after booting.  Additionally a USB Composite configuration is implemented that includes both a networking protocol (CDC-EEM, ECM, NCM or RNDIS) and Serial over USB (CDC-ACM).  This implements a serial console to the Pi.