Beaglebone USB TestDrive

Belcarra has created Beagle TestDrive, an edition of Belcarra’s USB Testdrive for the BeagleBone Black to allow rapid prototyping of networking over USB protocols.   Testdrive uses the Beaglebone as a proxy for an OEM device on the device side of the USB link.  Matching demo editions of Belcarra USBLAN for Windows are automatically installed on the host PC from Windows Update as necessary.

Beagle TestDrive is provided as a MicroSD SDHC image. The Beaglebone Black can boot TestDrive without modifying the onboard firmware.

Features of Beagle Testdrive

  • Modern iperf and iperf3 network test tools are available. These allow flexible network tests using either IPv4 or IPv6, UDP or TCP, various TCP options, and multiple streams. The tester should install iperf3 on the PC
  • Traditional web testing tools, either client or server are also available
  • Simple commands change the USB network configuration (protocol, hardware ID) dynamically until the next reboot, or select one of several USB configurations which take effect at the next boot.
For full details please refer to BeagleBone Black USB TestDrive Guide - 2016-08-15

Windows Driver Signing Requirements

The requirements for signing driver kits for Windows have changed as of January 2016, specifically:
  • All drivers for Windows 10 must be signed by Microsoft
  • Drivers for older versions of Windows may continue to be OEM signed
  • OEM signed drivers must use an SHA2 certificate
  • Drivers signed with an SHA 1 certificate and date stamped before January 1, 2016 will continue to work until January 1, 2017
  • HCK kits for Windows 8 are not supported (Windows 8 has been deprecated)

This table summarizes the available types of USBLAN for Windows kits.